Prayers for Haiti

The following prayer has been written by Sandra Lopez, MCB Partnership Coordinator for the Americas, as a prayer of solidarity with the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and Americas, Haiti District and the people of Haiti where on-going violence continues to affect the country.

Almighty God,

We weep with our Haitian brothers and sisters as they continue to suffer violence, injury, fatalities, aggressions, food insecurity, water shortages and insecurity across the country. We pray that your holy spirit would intervene and change the hearts of all those involved in perpetuating this violence.

We pray for wisdom for international partners who are supporting Haiti in seeking a peaceful, democratic transition following the resignation of Ariel Henry, the interim president.

We pray that Haiti will become a nation that offers security and peace to all its citizens.

We pray for Haitian children who attend Methodist Schools across Haiti. We pray that they would soon be able to return safely to their schools to continue their education. We pray for all teaching and school staff who are having to adapt their lessons to virtual classrooms.

We pray for the Methodist Church in Haiti, its Sunday services and other activities that have been affected by the violence that is stopping participants from gathering. May they find comfort in you during this time.

Lord, we pray that our Haitian brothers and sister will find hope in you, so that they may overcome this seemingly unsurmountable challenges. But we thank you that what is impossible for people, is possible for God (Luke 18:27).

In Jesus’ name,