We will help people in our communities and beyond


From the very beginning, God created us to need each other. When we help someone, or receive help from someone, God invites us to see God in one another.   

All people have the ability to give and receive. And just because someone has a need, it doesn’t make them powerless to also serve and give kindness to themselves or others.

God invites us to see God in one another.

“During the Covid lockdown, when all our worship went online, Elise* offered to pray as part of the Sunday service, even though she’d never had the confidence to do it before. Now the community is back in the building, she continues to serve in this way and it helps her to see the gifts that God has given her to be part of this community.”

'Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did it to me.’ (Matthew 25:40)


Pause for thought

What choices do you make about making the world a better place?

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Simple things to try

1. Pay attention each day for ways to help the people you encounter.

2. Make a habit of thanking everyone who serves you in any way.

3. Accept help or generosity, even if you don’t need it; it might have a big impact on the other person.

4. Find an opportunity to volunteer for a charity. Get to know the stories of other volunteers - why is it important to them to serve in this way? Share your own story as well.

5. Think of a way to serve other people at every station on the Discipleship Pathways map. What does service look like in challenging injustice? Or in prayer?

6. Listen to a Taketime meditation based on Mark 10:35-45: Master or servant.