Finding a new home for the MMAC

In our 60th anniversary year (2022/2023), the Chair and members of the Management Committee of the Methodist Modern Art Collection (MMAC) are seeking a new home for the Collection - an inclusive space from which to tour the Collection, as well as for displaying selected works, to encourage spiritual reflection, healing and exploration. We are in discussion with a variety of potential partners including churches and academic institutions, and expect to bring a proposal for a new home to the Methodist Council in 2023/2024.

This New Home will ensure that the Collection can make real and lasting impact on communities. Our aim is to develop partnerships and collaborations with other organisations and creatives, generating a fresh and energetic model for the management of the Methodist Modern Art Collection.  We aim to be flexible and nurturing in our negotiations, valuing the vision of our partners, understanding their aspirations for partnership and working together to achieve shared goals. 

We aim to ensure long-term stability for the Collection in an appropriate new home, where exciting pathways can be explored and where the Collection can promote the Calling and priorities of the Methodist Church through our touring programme, to help the Church to remain contemporary and relevant to communities. Together with a new partner we hope to build a partnership that will unlock the full potential of MMAC seeing it flourish within new contexts.

New home search - approach and criteria