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The Earth is the LORD’s

Methodist Prayer Handbook 2020/2021: The Year of Prayer

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The Earth is the LORD’s, inspired by Psalm 24:1, recognises how human activities are having a major impact on the life systems of our world. Use these prayers of thanksgiving, penitence and intercession to resolve that, with God’s help, we may take responsibility for our actions and, as stewards of God’s gift to us, participate in the healing of creation.


2020/2021: A Year of Prayer for the Methodist Church

The Conference has declared 2020/2021 a Year of Prayer to support the new Connexional Strategy for Evangelism and Growth. Districts, circuits, churches, and individuals are invited to pray for the Methodist Church as we deepen our commitment to be a growing, evangelistic, inclusive, justice-seeking Church of gospel people.

Simple guidance around different ways to pray is available at as well as information for a weekly online Churchwide ‘prayer meeting’. This will draw on the rich diversity of Methodist traditions and leadership to help the whole Church journey deeper into prayer together.

 Join us online every Tuesday at 12.45pm (from 1 September 2020).


Submission Guidelines for the Methodist Prayer Handbook 2021/2022: A Place for All

The theme for the 2021/2022 Prayer Handbook is ‘A Place for All’.

No one was excluded from Jesus’ table and eating with him was a sign of the kingdom of heaven and an invitation to meet God and to be transformed. We recognise that we do not always offer such generous welcome or listen to the voices on the margins.

As the Church strives to be God’s people in a world changed by a global pandemic, we invite prayers of thanksgiving and intercession, penitence and resolve that, with God’s help, we may recognise and repent of our exclusivity, and that then we may be reconciling, open to all and ready to listen to all voices equally. Together, we pray to become a more inclusive and diverse Church, creating communities of greater respect and compassion.

In addition to prayers on the theme of the Handbook, we invite prayers of thanksgiving, adoration and confession and prayers on the themes of justice, times of life and times of day and the comforting presence of God for the opening pages of the Handbook.

The deadline for submission of prayers and photos is 11 January 2021.

The exception to this is prayers and photos from schools. For schools only the deadline is 29 January.

Please send contributions to:

Guidelines for submitting prayers

Prayers must not exceed 120 words. Shorter prayers and prayers on specific themes or about specific countries are more likely to be used.

When submitting prayers, please give your postal address, your full name and how you would like to be described (e.g. Jane Jones, local preacher, Townton).

Please do not submit more than three prayers (the editor uses a maximum of two per author and it pains her to have to bin the rest!).

Please consider that prayers for or from a particular country should include information on specific needs or projects that users of the Handbook can pray for and must be relevant for use from September 2021 to August 2022.

All prayers must be your copyright. They can have been used or published elsewhere, provided you have permission to reproduce them. Unless you indicate otherwise, your prayer will become the copyright of Methodist Church Purposes. Extracts from the Prayer Handbook are used under 'Prayer for the Day' on the Methodist Church website and also in Prayer Focus, the Prayer Handbook of the Methodist Church in Ireland. By submitting a prayer, it is assumed that you agree to these additional uses. If you do not wish to have your prayers used in these ways, please let the editor know.

If you use words from another source within your prayer, please indicate that you have done so and give the source, even if it is out of copyright: plagiarism is theft.

Please note that not all prayers submitted can be included in the Prayer Handbook and many will need editing more or less, depending on how they fit on the page and relate to other prayers in the Handbook. By submitting a prayer you agree that it may be edited as the editor sees fit.

Please email prayers to by 11 January 2021. If you do not have internet access you can post prayers to: Prayer Handbook Editor, Methodist Church House, 25 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JR.


Guidelines for submitting photos

Please also submit photographs that will help to bring our theme to life. Photographs with people in are particularly welcome.

Images are often reproduced very small so they must be bold images that will work well at a small size (i.e. no group shots).

Please provide a caption so that the editor knows what the photo is and state where it was taken. Please note that if your photograph is used it may be given a different caption in order to fit the theme and the prayers on the page.

We only accept photos that are emailed to us at We do not accept prints in the post.

Please email photos by 11 January 2021.

All photos must be sent as digital high-resolution files (min 300dpi at print size and ideally JPEG files). If your email gives you the option of sending a photo in a different size please choose ‘original size’ (or the biggest file size). If your email account will not allow you to send large files please use to send them (it’s free and easy).

Photographs must be your own copyright. If you take a photograph of a piece of artwork (e.g. a painting or sculpture) and that work is in copyright you must also send the artist’s written permission for their artwork to be used in the Prayer Handbook.

The images can have been used or published elsewhere, provided you have permission to reproduce them. Unless you indicate otherwise, your photo will be the copyright of Methodist Church Purposes.

If you have any queries, please contact the editor (email

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