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  • Our Family

    Please pray for our Mother who is now at peace with God after suffering a major stroke. As we move towards her funeral please give her family the strength and courage to get through these times , especially with the covid restrictions which during our time of grief are so frustrating.Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.Amen.

    Received: November 27, 2020
  • Please help I’m scared

    Please I need help I want healing I’m 18 and have made mistakes I’m so sorry for the things I put my family through even though I haven’t fully said it because I’m week but I think they know I am and I get horrible anxiety and I get medication that doesn’t work good and I started to self medicate and mix pills and my sides and privates hurt at times I have to pee and poo but I’m terrified of needles or surgery and my anxiety is horrible I stopped taking these types of pills that put me in danger and I’m scared and need help I prayed for forgiveness and healing I love Jesus and have learnt a lot a I used to want to die and pray for it over foolish things what I’m sorry for I had a pee test and it came clear from the doctor But I’m terrified of hospital please pray for me and I don’t want a blood test I got pricked ones before and I puked on the hospital floor but that’s was something else thank you for praying if you will I’m scared and want some prayers I keep praying but anxiety is horrible and sometimes feel hopeless.



    Received: November 26, 2020
  • Calm.

    Healing. Lord i feelso lost and alone right now. Everything has gone wrong. I cant fix it. I want to but i just cant. Im in a storm and its not ending. I need breakthrough. Amen

    Received: November 24, 2020
  • Missed chances

    I met a man and went on a few dates with him before lockdown and it went really well. Unfortunately, because of the current climate and bad timing, it didn't work out. I'd really love for our paths to cross again in the future, and for us to have another chance at it together once the Covid situation comes to an end.

    Received: November 23, 2020
  • Alcoholic son

    We pray for our son and his wife. He is an alcoholic and we pray that he will be healed in mind, body and spirit. Amen

    Received: November 21, 2020
  • Healing

    Heavenly father please be with Shirley as she prepares for her operation, help her to leave her anxieties and worries behind and walk with u on this health journey let her feel Ur presence and bring her home to her loving family for Xmas I ask this in Jesus name amen



    Received: November 21, 2020
  • Healing from god

    Lord God our heavenly father I place my dear friend S into Ur loving care , please renew in her a fight to live and recover. I place my trust in u lord to comfort S and let her feel Ur presence on the road to recovery u r an awesome god I ask in Jesus name amen



    Received: November 21, 2020
  • Prayer for where we live

    Dear Lord, As the final leaves of autumn fall As the days shorten and the sun shines less brightly Our local park is silent at the weekend When otherwise the children’s football teams would play Friends would meet together in the coffee shops Close family may live only streets apart But because of the lockdown feel a world away We pray for the people where we live Those who are lonely Those who feel captive in their own home Our schools, doctors surgeries, shops and those who work in them And for the children, growing up in a time of such uncertainty Lord, remind us that your light is everlasting Your life is eternal And your love for us is limitless May it bring hope and peace to us all Amen


    Jeff Riley

    Received: November 20, 2020
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