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  • Suffering/ afflicted

    Im suffering from non stop chronic tinnitus. Can you pray for me please?



    Received: January 24, 2019
  • Good health and retirement

    Lord God our heavenly Father please guide A to find a way to retire and enjoy her life, and to receive your blessing on any thing she receives I ask these things in jesus name amen



    Received: January 23, 2019
  • School

    Please pray for my 13 year old grand daughter who is having great problems with going to school. She is a bright, intelligent girl but due to family break up she is finding everything, particularly at school, very hard to cope with. The school are debating whether to have her back as she has walked out a couple of times. Another school was tried but she left there too.. She says she will go back to the first school but we know she will find returning very hard even if they will have her. Please pray for a quick solution as she is staying at home and doing nothing.



    Received: January 23, 2019
  • Help

    I pray for our son, recently returned to the U.K. after spending 2 months with his wife and baby son who he misses so much but needs to be here to work as none where his family live. May he find work very quickly and may the relationship between him and his brother be mended. In the love of Jesus and the amazing Grace of God. Amen

    Received: January 23, 2019
  • Anxiety & Distress

    Merciful Father I bring to you my son who has an unexplained foot condition which is causing him much anxiety and distress. I pray that the cause is found and that the foot will be restored to its full function. I know that he loves God but seems unable to let go and completely trust God to take control. I pray that he seeks God daily for strength and experiences inner peace. I pray that he finds that when he turns his eyes upon God and praises and worships Him daily, these will take his mind off himself and his problem and refocus them on God. Amen



    Received: January 23, 2019
  • Sepsis

    Holy Father I lost my husband to this disease and now my cousin Danny is very ill and I hear of another young man, Barry, who tonight is fighting sepsis and pneumonia. I pray that you guide the doctors and nurses who are looking after them, help them make the right decisions and, by your miraculous hand, lead them to recovery. I pray for Barry's brother Kevin and for Danny's wife and family, particularly my aunt, who is extremely worried about her son. I thank you for supporting me and my family through our grief and ask you to listen to my prayer. In Jesus name Amen



    Received: January 22, 2019
  • Prayer in the Midst of Confusion

    God, the source of all that we have and know, we want to be your faithful people and we want to be good citizens of our country and our world. Empower us we pray, so that, when things look desperately confusing, we may have clear eyes and listening ears. Empower us we pray, so that we may try to understand the values and motives of those who govern us and those who represent us. Empower us we pray, so that we may challenge those who put self-interest before the common good, who are unwilling to search for truth through debate and the sharing of different opinions and understandings. Empower us we pray, that we may encourage in our public life people with a clear sense of public service and accountability to their communities. Empower us we pray, so that in the decisions we take day by day, we may find through our support of one another, the courage to hold firm to the truths which we see in Jesus. Empower us we pray, so that we may know how to draw strength and wisdom from the shared experience of the people of Jesus. Empower us we pray, so that in this world of ours we may embody in word and in deed a vision of a new heaven and a new earth where all may live in peace and freedom. May we act on what we know to be true, live in the midst of uncertainties with confidence in Christ, and in times of confusion know in whom to put our trust. Amen



    Received: January 22, 2019
  • Difficult Times

    Dear Lord, i have a couple of friends going through difficult times at the moment with their mom's who has dementia. I pray that as my light who guided me, you will support and guide them through this difficult time for them. Please help me to be their light and be able to support them as and when required. Amen



    Received: January 22, 2019
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