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  • Faith

    Pray for me strength and understanding to do what Jesus told us to do.



    Received: October 15, 2023
  • Help

    Please pray i will not let God down and that He will free me from my addiction please and will take away all damage from it. Please let me be a succes and blessing for people too and people love to be around me/ inspiration. Pray that God will give me a big faith and a good relationship with God



    Received: October 14, 2023
  • Prayer for healing and reconciliation

    Please could you pray for healing from fibroids in my womb and back pain. Please could you also pray for reconciliation between myself and Jonathan and each others families. My desire is to have children with him in the future. Please could you pray for these miracles. Many Thanks



    Received: October 13, 2023
  • Relationship

    A person (Filip) I was with for 2+ years left me. Before meeting him I prayed to God to send me a person exactly like him and I fasted, before actually starting a relationship. In those times he started asking about God and being very interested in Faith, and after few months we started attending Church and House prayer meetings together, got healed him and showed him miracles and he fell in love with God. Now he decided to break up as he felt we started arguing a lot and it’s unbearable for him. He left 2 months ago and there is 0 contact between us, but he is the only person I see myself being with as he was everything I wanted in a man (he felt the same as he prayed for someone like me before he met me) and I’ve been praying to the Lord everyday to bring him back as to God nothing is impossible, He is a God of second chances and touches/changes peoples hearts. I strongly know in my heart he is the person I want/need to be with and I let it go and told God that if he doesn’t want me to be with him to tell me but he never did he just gave me hope love and faith. I would like you to pray to God to reconnect us as I believe we are in a time of separation that was very needed and I believe God can and wants to bring people back who love each other and who never had any problem’s except arguments/disagreements few months before the breakup. Thank you and may God bless you deeply!



    Received: October 13, 2023
  • Everything turns to light everything turns to love

    Received: October 13, 2023
  • Pray for me I would have deeper prayer life and strength to pray without ceasing. Holy Spirit help me to stay in prayer.

    Received: October 11, 2023
  • Please pray for my niece. She has suicidal thoughts she has managed to get help but it will mean she will have to go away from her family and friends. She’s from Wales and will be getting help in England. God please wrap your love around her and pray the treatment she’ll have will help her. Her family needs your prayers to help them cope in this situation. Thank you.

    Received: October 10, 2023
  • Healing

    Please pray for my wife Linda, she has stage four cancer in her lungs, small intestines and liver, let the good lord touch her and heal her of this cancer, In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen



    Received: October 10, 2023
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