Methodist Council papers 24-26 March 2012


MC1225 Matters Arising

MC1226 Connexional Allowances Committee

MC1228 Connexional Central Services Budget 

MC1228A District Allocations

MC1229 MMPS Valuation Results

MC1230 PASLEMC Valuation Results

MC1231 MMPS and PASLEMC Trustees Report

MC1232 PASLEMC Report

MC1233 Auto Enrolment Local Lay Employees

MC1235 Heritage Committee Report

MC1236 Presidential Induction

MC1237 Larger Than Circuit Report

MC1238 Education Commission Report

MC1239 MMS Reference Group Finance 

MC1240 MMS Review Group

MC1241 Memorial 18 Response

MC1242 Fruitful Fields 

MC1243 Senior Leadership Review

MC1244 Modified Circuit Constitutions Report

MC1245 Equality and Diversity Report

MC1246 Nominations and Appointments

MC1247 Connexional Manse Trustees Report 

MC1247 Connexional Manse Trustees Report Appendix - Income and Expenditure  (this replaces the financial statement shown at page 230 of the printed book of papers) (MS xls file)

MC1248 Faith and Order Committee Report

MC1249 Methodist Art Collection Report

MC1250 Epworth Press Update

MC1252 TMCP Resolution

MC1253 WCOT Appointments

MC1254 YPS Interim Report

MC1255 Fresh Ways Working Group

MC1256 Wesley Study Centre Report

MC1257 Personnel Files Update 

MC1258 Banking Facility Note 

MC1259 Ecumenical Associate Members

MC1260 STF Reference Group 

MC1261 SRC Members

MC1262 Southlands College Liaison Group

MC1264 Contemporary Forms of Training

MC1265 Consultation on extending the legal form of marriage (England and Wales) group 

MC1266 Connexional Grants Committee 

MC1267 Review of Role of Warden of Methodist Diaconal Order 

MC1268 Fresh Ways Working Group - the future