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  • For loss of Husband

    Please pray for Pastor Lisa Kruse-Safford as her husband passed away totally un-expected with a heart attack. Lisa was our former District Superintendent. Pray for Lisa, her family, and her church that she now serves. May God surround her and strengthen her in these very trying times.



    Received: July 5, 2020
  • Prayer for health and finances

    Please pray that I don't have Covid-19. Because I have some what of a cough and sore throat. I have done my best to stay safe. Because I have health issues. Pray that my husband children or grand children will not have this virus also. Because we are in a pandemic my finances have suffered. Please pray for favor in my finances.I have some obligations I must pay. Thank you so much for praying.



    Received: July 5, 2020
  • Prayer to stop bullying

    I’m needing prayer for the pain and hurt and suffering that I’ve endured from constant bullying from a family. Even after lockdown it’s continued when I see them and it’s causing me such sadness

    Received: July 5, 2020
  • Health and Healing

    Please pray for my daughter, Dawn, unable to get over her depression and anxiety and once again in hospital. Please also pray for her dear children and her partner.

    Received: July 5, 2020
  • Healing of COVID-19

    Heavenly Father, I pray that you give Mom Gloria, Dad Fernando and brother Bernardo healing of this COVID-19. They have been tested and we cry out to u Lord. Give their bodies the strength to fight the virus. Give them comfort and peace knowing you are in control. In Jesus name, Amen


    Juanita Martinez

    Received: July 4, 2020
  • Our leaders

    We pray for Richard and Carolyn as they begin their year of leadership of the Methodist Church. Pour out your Spirit of wisdom, clarity and love upon them that they may guide, challenge and encourage us in minission, ministry and service to the glory of your name, Amen


    Andy Fyall

    Received: July 2, 2020
  • PTSD and panic attacks

    Panic attacks from PTSD from events that happened years ago, triggered by the overwhelm of what is happening in the world at the moment.



    Received: June 30, 2020
  • prayer for samantha

    prayer for samantha nursing through the covid . she has a toddler and family has anxiety and wants to leave nursing . please pray for her thankyou x

    Received: June 29, 2020
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