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  • My son

    Please pray for my student son, that he makes wise choices and settles down away from the chaos in his life. Please let him know your peace and love, God, so that he is able to be calm and enjoy his own company without constant struggle.



    Received: November 23, 2018
  • Now healing and deliverance

    Please help me to pray for Jacqueline who is very unwell and desire God intervention to be made whole.please pray for Jacqueline s healing.

    Received: November 22, 2018
  • Support

    Please pray for my younger daughter. She is really struggling to cope with life. She has 2 teenage daughters, is separated from her husband and has severe anxiety. She has a minor learning disability which makes it hard for her to make and keep friends. One of her daughters has a more severe learning disability and the other one is being a "typical teenager". She desperately needs help and support. She spends a lot of time crying. Please pray.

    Received: November 22, 2018
  • SON

    Thank you for everyone who prays here. I pray for my son to work hard and make wise choices. My anxieties for him continue , may God reveal Himself to him on a daily basis. I pray for all those who worry for their adult children Amen

    Received: November 21, 2018
  • Love

    Please pray for my boyfriend and me. We are facing some issues currently. It is bit depressing and I love him so much and I know he does too. Please pray that this relationship gets restored like before. Please pray that he texts and calls me. Thank you. Peace.



    Received: November 20, 2018
  • Those who are ill and their families

    Please pray for a woman who is now in a hospice and coming to the end of her life in the coming days. Her sister and nieces remain with her throughout the day. Please pray for a woman who is having treatment for a form of leukaemia and in hospital going through her second course of chemo, she has just had a new grandchild and is unable to see and hold the new baby and her other two grandchildren who she adores. Please pray for a gentleman who has a brain tumour. The time he was given to live has exceeded expectations but he has severe headaches that are causing such pain, his grandchild is due to be born in 4 weeks time. Thank you for your prayers.

    Received: November 20, 2018
  • Prayers for me ,family and healings and countries

    Pray God heals my leg wound and leg pain stops.Pray God helps my brother's business grow and be fruitful.Pray God blesses my brother and leads him to be more involved in praying and thinking like a Christian. Pray God watches over him everyday N that his trip this month on holiday will be lots of fun with his young children and wife. Thanks for praying,John B.


    John B.

    Received: November 16, 2018
  • Pray for the Prince of Wales

    Please pray for HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, who celebrates his 70th birthday today. Pray for God to continue to guide and protect him, our heir to the throne, especially in his charity work and his public work and duties, as he celebrates this milestone birthday. Thank You. From John King.


    John King

    Received: November 14, 2018
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