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  • For Sandra our sister in Christ

    Dearest Lord please heal our dear friend Sandra of her cancer, keep her safe & protected in loving your arms , please ease her pain and anguish, keep her husband & family strong In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord Amen

    Received: September 17, 2020
  • A Prayer for carers

    Lord, please draw close to those who are carers to family members with disabilities and special needs, who have had to cope throughout this terrible pandemic lockdown without access to the support or respite services they need. Give them the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to keep going. May they know your love and peace when they are weary. Bless them with an abundance of hope. Thankyou Lord. Amen.

    Received: September 16, 2020
  • Health

    Severe wet cough since 2 months..N peeling of skin which became a wound .Unable to walk..



    Received: September 15, 2020
  • apartment and job

    Please pray for a young woman and her boyfriend soon to find a separate apartment in another city. As well as let them find a good job. Thank you



    Received: September 15, 2020
  • Give thanks for God's blessings

    Lord our Creator and our Saviour, I give you thanks for all of us who join in prayer through this prayer wall. We come together because we love and have faith in you Lord. We thank you for those whose Lives have been improved through prayer to you, especially Fiona and her family, we pray that you will continue to help her to provide proper accommodation for her son to enable him to grow up in the right way. We also thank you for David whose hopeless medical case has seen an improvement. Lord continue to strengthen him. Finally Lord I ask for your presence with me as I go through a medical examination on Wednesday. We give you thanks for all who through love for you and through faith have had changes in their lives . Merciful Father we thank you. Demca



    Received: September 14, 2020
  • Remember me

    Please let MS remember me - she has helped me before in dark times, please let her come to my aid now. Please let God send the miracle I pray for every day, the help I need , someone to care, someone to talk to. I fear the future, I fear being alone, I fear the dark nights and the cold. Let me feel that God is with me and take courage from the strength of his love. I find faith hard especially with churches closed so just worshipping alone. Please let some happiness come my way and don’t let me be forgotten. Amen

    Received: September 13, 2020
  • Help everyone who is scared of covid19, everyone who is prompted to look for God during this uncertainty that they will find the peace of God who will comfort. For the safety and health of my family.

    Received: September 12, 2020
  • Alcoholic son

    We ask for your prayers for our son and his wife. He is an alcoholic and we pray that he will be healed in mind and body.

    Received: September 10, 2020
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