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  • Restoration & Strength

    Help my unbelief Lord. Reconcile restore and repair relationship. Soften hearts and heal. Increase my trust and faith and help me surrender all to God.



    Received: October 15, 2021
  • Relationship

    For healing in my relationship and change to the disruptive behaviour.



    Received: October 15, 2021
  • Healing for Rua

    Please pray for my parrot Rua, he has a hepatic condition He is not eating Please pray for complete healing



    Received: October 14, 2021
  • Pray for Mum

    Please pray for my Mum. She's had a car accident. My siblings have Power of Attorney and I don't, but they admitted they knew she had no peripheral vision. I asked them why they didn't do anything to stop her driving and they got angry with me. They are very secretive. I'm concerned for my Mum that she might drive again, but I don't have POA and I don't live near her. She promised not to drive, but she also said she would stay in for a month because of her injuries after the accident and went out a day afterwards. She's making bad decisions and it upsets me a lot. I believe my siblings are negligent. My parents divorced after 50 years and both are extremely unhappy. My siblings encouraged and enabled my Mum to divorce my Dad. Please pray for him too. My Mum also had a fall recently and doesn't get medical attention because of her Christian Science background. I know it's her decision but it's upsetting. Please pray for my own peace and for God's will in this situation.



    Received: October 13, 2021
  • Divine intervention

    Lord, I put Leland in your hands today. I cancel every assignment of the enemy! I plead the blood of Jesus, healing & Gods protection over him. I pray for Gods divine intervention, divine justice, a positive breakthrough in his legal matter; resulting in his freedom & clearing of all charges & fees. Praying for Gods favor to place him in a mental health rehab treatment program with resources to help him fully recover, function well & work towards a productive life moving forward for Gods glory.



    Received: October 11, 2021
  • Pray for me

    Please pray for me now, as I am currently suffering from a flare up of my diverticular disease which brings really painful symptoms in my stomach and bowels. Pray that I will be given some comfort, healing, easing of my symptoms and relief from this moment forth from heaven. Thank you.



    Received: October 10, 2021
  • Mom

    Please pray with me that my mom and sister be saved now, in Jesus name I pray.



    Received: October 10, 2021
  • Helpless & alone

    Please pray for us. We are in a very difficult situation at the moment that no one seems to be able to help us with. We beg that God will guide us through. Amen

    Received: October 8, 2021
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