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  • A thankyou

    my Mum did cope when family were on holiday. Thankyou for your prayers.



    Received: August 8, 2019
  • Prayer for reconciliation

    I am praying for reconciliation and the healing of long standing family rifts in my family. However hard I try I cannot seem to be able to bridge the rifts, solve the pain, be the peacemaker and help facilitate relationships which have broken in my family. I pray that walls that have built up over many years will be broken down and that Your love will shine through and enable broken relationships to be restored. I pray that I will have the strength and courage to be facilitator in helping to break down these walls, if it is Your will. Where brother has been estranged by another family member, let him be reconciled, bring the ability to forgive to those who cannot forgive and bring peace to their hearts , because whilst they are still holding on to hurt and disappointment and resentment, they cannot move forward in life and seem stuck and are deeply unhappy. Where partners are estranged and children are separated from other family members as a result of custody battles, please bring restoration so that those suffering the bereavement of loss of children and grandchildren may regain access to their children by building relationships with ex partners, ex daughter in laws etc..... I pray all this in Jesus' name. You can make the impossible possible and I pray that one day our family will be reunited and these walls and divisions will crumble......... Lord, I also pray for the wider world and all conflicts, be that the small family or interpersonal conflicts or world conflicts... bring Peace, bring Love, enable those who feel unable to forgive and start afresh, learn to do so anew...may they learn of Your love, Your Ways and hear the good news of Christ, our risen Saviour

    Received: August 2, 2019
  • I thank you lord, please take away my pain

    Hello, I would be so thankful if you could pray for me, I would love to find a husband, or at least for god to take away the pain of my loneliness until he sends me the right one. Thank you so much



    Received: August 1, 2019
  • Thanksgiving and a new requst

    Heavenly Father, thank you for answering my prayer for B who has now accepted she needs help. You are such a mighty, powerful God yet you are concerned about each and every individual and I thank you and bow my knee before you in adoration and praise. I pray, and give thanks, for all the people involved in caring for B. I have a new request now Father, which is please help get a stair lift fitted urgently as B is no longer able to get upstairs. I ask this in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, Amen



    Received: August 1, 2019
  • JOHN

    Please join me and hold up my friend John in prayers. He is an elderly Fransican who comes to our church and loves and prays for each one of us. He has held my family and son up in difficult times and prays for them by name each day. He is very poorly now and in hospital. Please hold him up in love Amen

    Received: July 29, 2019
  • Prayer for Friend, her family and myself

    Father I come right now into your presence to pray for my friend Christine. You know my heart, you know the decisions that I made, the mistakes I created. I know that you can't go back and give me a do over, but you can write straight with my crooked lines. Father God, I come and ask that you create in me a new heart and that you open Christine's heart that I can ask for forgiveness. God I also pray for her family; I pray for her children and husband and more so for her aunt Sue that is battling cancer. God you are the worker of miracles and I know that you can heal her aunt. Finally, God I ask that you open my heart towards you. That you will show me what you want me to do and what you want me to pray for. Father, you have given me a calling to ministry, please show me where you want me to be and what you want me to do for your glory. I am a failure on so many levels and I need your presence in my life that I can be who you want me to be. Break my heart from what breaks yours. Show me how to change my life, how to live more intentionally for you and with your people. Amen



    Received: July 28, 2019
  • my mum

    Please pray that my mother will cope when family are on holiday and away from her. Thankyou.



    Received: July 27, 2019
  • For my baby

    Dear God, please protect with your safe and caring hand the life of my baby, for which I worry so much, every minute of my life. Keep the breath of life strong on him, and guide me in this journey on every step I take. A-men.



    Received: July 26, 2019
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