Methodist Council papers 31 October - 1 November 2006


Minutes of the Methodist Council held on 3 May 2006

The year's work in outline MC/06/90 

What sort of body are we? The Nature, Theology and Role of the Methodist Council MC/06/91 

Use of substitutes (Refer to MC/06/113)

Team Focus Process: Expectations of Various GroupsMC/06/92

Property and Money: Project 8 MC/06/93 and MC/06/93A (pp 2- 15)

Circuit Reviews - clarification of MC06/08MC/06/94

Review of Senior LeadershipMC/06/95 

Shape of the Team strategic leadership and senior managementMC/06/93  and MC/06/93B (pp 16-17) and MC/06/107

Faithful Cities and Urban Mission - a presentation and approvals MC/06/96

Extending Discipleship and Exploring Vocation - an update MC/06/97and MC/06/107

Training Institutions review MC/06/98 and MC/06/98A

Process to explore a possible review of Resolutions on Human Sexuality MC/06/99

Extensions of ministerial appointments: Jonathan Kerry; Alan Ogier; Peter Pillinger MC/06/100 and MC/06/100A

Stationing Review - an update MC/06/101

Grant making: Project 12 MC/06/93 and MC/06/93C (pp 18-23)Diagram

Report from Connexional Leadership Team MC/06/102

Mapping a Way Forward: Regrouping for Mission MC/06/103

Process on responses to What sort of Bishops? MC/06/104

Team Focus Communications Strategy 06/07 MC/06/105

Reshaping Financial Oversight MC/06/106, 106A and 106B

Wales Chairs MC/06/110 

Audit Contract MC/06/111

Correction to earlier minutes: approval of Southlands accounts MC/06/112

Trusteeship and Substitutes MC/06/113

Appointments booklet MC/06/114

Methodist Church approval of New Testament Church of God - member of CTE; Housing Justice - Body in Association of CTE MC/06/115

2007 anniversaries MC/06/116

Joint Public Issues Team: An Agreement on Joint Working MC/06/117 Appendix 117A Activity Matrix 117B

Validation of alternative courses to Faith & Worship MC/06/118

Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee 26 July 2006

Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee 21 Sept 2006