Ordination Exploration Days

Wondering if you’re called to be…ordained?


 Read these words and look at the image to the side as   you ponder the questions

  Ordination is the culmination of a long process in which   the Church:

  •       Discerns the call of candidates
  •       Tests the call
  •       Forms ministerial development



Ordination goes hand-in-hand with your ‘reception into Full   Connexion’ with the Methodist Conference. This is when ministers and the Church/Conference enter into a covenant relationship, with the associated privileges and responsibilities.

We read of the early Christians: “All who believed  were together and had all things in common.” Acts 2:44 (NRSV)  

Methodism teaches us that we “watch over one another in Christian love.”

  • Who can you talk to about your sense of calling?
  • What type of community do you long to be a part of?


Ordination – Exploration Days

Is God calling you to be an Ordained Minister in the Methodist Church?

  • Has anyone ever suggested to you that you would make a good minister?
  • Have you ever felt God calling you to serve the Church as a Deacon or Presbyter?
  • Do you want to know more about the life of the ordained?

Please join us on: 

Saturday 25th September 2021 - via Zoom - click here to book

Saturday 28th May 2022 - via Zoom - click here to book


Come and find out more about:

  • Being an Ordained person
  • How to Candidate for Ordained Ministry
  • What is included in the Training Pathways

These events are free, however, booking is required. You are welcome to bring a friend or significant other with you.  

For more information please contact mvw@methodistchurch.org.uk 

Not sure if this day is for you?  Have a conversation with your Minister or Superintendent Minister

Please be aware that attending this exploration date does not oblige you to candidate as a Methodist Minister.



For Frequently Asked Questions about candidating please see the FAQs page here.

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