Property Support

The Property Support Team can offer assistance and guidance on a range of property matters including:

  • Starting a new property project
  • Repairs and Maintenance 
  • Quinquennial inspections
  • Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas
  • Signposting to wider support 

General Queries, Leslie Matthews, Property Support Officer, 020 7467 5271

Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas, Joanne Balmforth, Conservation Officer, 0161 235 6739

Project & Development Queries, Charlotte Betts, Property Development Manager 

Project & Development Queries, including Replacement Projects, Feasibility Funding & Connexional Properties
Stephen Hetherington, Director of Property Support


TMCP - Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes

Depending on the nature of your query, you may need to contact TMCP to assist you with the following: 

  • Facilitate the legal aspects for sales, purchases and leases of Methodist property
  • Review, amend and approve legal documents 
  • Transmit funds for sales, purchases and building schemes
  • Check property deeds, rights of access and restrictive covenants 

Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes -
or, 0161 235 6770

Consents Website

If you have a question about accessing & using the Consents website or queries regarding annual returns, please contact the Web Applications Team on or 0207 467 5199.

Consent Enablers are needed in each region.  These are experts in using the Property Consents system and can provide basic support to local users of the system.  More information can be found on the Consents Enablers page.  If you or somebody you know is interested in becoming a Consents Enabler, please contact the Web Applications Team.  


Property Matters is a monthly newsletter focused on giving updates on property related guidance and legalisation as well as providing information and links to related subjects.  The most recent issue is listed below and previous editions can be found here.  


Click here to view information regarding possible grants for property.

Panel of Surveyors

If you  need assistance from professional surveyors on a wide range of issues, there are 3 firms listed on the Panel of Surveyors that are familiar with Methodist requirements.  Click here to read more or click on the logo to view contact details for each firm.  

Bruton Knowles 


Lambert Smith Hampton




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