Below is a list of organisations, with a brief description, that can offer further advice and support:

Place for Hope: A Team of practitioners/trainers working across all faith traditions to accompany congregations in conflict, and to equip/train churches and church leaders in the art of peacebuilding.

Bridge Builders: Training for church leaders in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. The organisation has recently introduced a new Growing Bridgebuilders Training Pack, an eight-session course with planning materials, leader's guides, participant handouts and acces to PowerPoint presentations. Click here for the dates of upcoming events, including Growing Bridgebuilders 'train the trainers' events.

St. Ethelburga's: A centre for reconciliation and peace, in the heart of London.

Mennonite University: This link will take you through to the Conflict Transformation Programme at EMU, Virginia, with useful information.

High Conflict Institute: Resources for understanding conflict and high conflict.

Family Mediation Consortium: Trained mediators who are members of the Family Mediation Council and have backgrounds in family law and interpersonal relationships. Based in NW England.

Core Solutions: Mediation, training, facilitation, coaching.

To download a PDF version of this list, click here.

Some other existing resources that might be of use when combatting bullying, harassment or conflict:

Birmingham Circuit Positive Working Together Resources

You can find the resources developed by the Birmingham Circuit for Positive Working Together on their webpage

3Generate Manifestos and Supporting Resources

The 2016 3Generate Manifesto, created by the 11 - 18 age stream, called for resources and guidance on dealing with bullying. You can download the following supporting resources:

Manifesto prayer ideas

Exploring Bullying Session Plan (Word)

Exploring Bullying Session Plan (PDF)

Resources from the Marriage and Relationships Task Group

The Marriage and Relationships Task Group has produced or recommended several resources that could be helpful, including:

Living With Contradictory Convictions (conference report)

Living With Contradictory Convictions (study guide)

A Lamp to My Feet and a Light to My Path: The Nature of Authority and the Place of the Bible in the Methodist Church (study guide)

Challenging Conversations: Living with Contradictory Convictions (ROOTs resource)

Definition and Guidance on Homophobia

How to Lead a Resilient Life

The writer and broadcaster Sheridan Voysey uses the Sermon on the Mount to help you think through what a resilient, Jesus-following life might look like.

The six sessions are suitable for small groups and personal devotion, and raise significant questions about what discipleship today might look like.  Sheridan has an international reputation, charm and rapport, and this is an excellent resource to know about and talk about.

Difficult Conversations

This workshop explores how - through self-awareness, active listening, appreciative inquiry and open-mindedness - we can play our part in co-creating positive and generative dialogue.

To download the workshop PowerPoint Presentation, click here.

You can also download PDF versions of the handouts, to be given out during the workshop:

Handout 1: Listening

Handout 2: Effective Conversations

Handout 3: Questions

Worksheet: Reframing Exercise

We also recommend watching this excellent TED Talk from Celeste Headlee (length 11m44).