What is the vision for NPNP?

To start and nurture new Christian communities in new places for new people.

Why are we doing this?

 Starting new communities is an extremely fruitful way of connecting and journeying with new people to become disciples of Jesus Christ.  

How will we do this?

By getting out of our buildings, listening to God and each other, experimenting, taking risks, learning together, becoming deeply rooted in our communities and creating spaces for people to meet together.

Who are “new people”?

People who are not connected to religious traditions or communities. They can be very diverse and may self-identify as secular, not religious, spiritual-but-not-religious, agnostic, atheist, “nothing in particular”, or many other ways.

Where will these new communities emerge?

In every Methodist district and circuit in different kinds of places – rural, urban, and coastal – as we respond to God’s love. A “place” can be anywhere – in a school, a park, a pub, someone’s dining room, or even in a church building.

What changes are we hoping to see?

Starting new communities will become a normal, natural part of being a Church. Every district and circuit will include NPNPs as part of their mission action plans. These new communities, alongside existing churches, will offer a rich variety of places for people to become and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Have we done this before?

Yes, pioneering and church planting is a rich part of the Methodist story and the DNA of how we began. Think about the church you are part of – what is its birth story?

How is it being funded?

Each district has been allocated money to begin an NPNP project supported by the Evangelism and Growth team with a year’s journey of accompaniment through prayer, conversation, and shared discernment. At the end of the year, when the district has submitted their project, the district-led process to support circuits imagining their NPNPs projects will begin.

How can I learn more about NPNPs?

Why not join an NPNP Hub? Open to everyone, an explorational gathering in which you will hear from pioneer projects and learn how you can become part of the NPNP movement. Read more here.

Does this mean that church outside NPNPs is Old Places for Old People?!

The focus of this programme is New Places for New People, it is not a comment on existing church, other than that it exists already, in existing places. The opposite, or counterpart, to NPNP is therefore Existing Places for Existing People. Both exist and both are needed. Visit this page for information about evangelism and growing existing churches Lead churches into growth.

What will happen to funding allocations if districts merge?

Any funding already distributed to districts will remain allocated to projects if districts merge. Funding not yet awarded will be allocated within previous district boundaries if districts merge.