Competencies for Ministry

The 2016 Conference revised the Criteria for Selection of Candidates for Ordained Ministry and placed them under 9 headings.

  1. Vocation (Call and Commitment)
  2. Vocation (ministry in the Methodist Church in Britain)
  3. Relationship with God
  4. Personality and Character
  5. Being in Relationship with Others
  6. The Church’s ministry in God’s World
  7. Leadership and Collaboration
  8. Learning and Understanding
  9. Communication


Each criterion needs to be visibly met in the life and practice of a minister at every stage of her/his ministry in order that the presbyter and deacon might continue to affirm a continued sense of call in the Presbyteral Session of the Synod or the Convocation of the Diaconal Order.

Since the 2016 Conference, in consultation with the representative groups of those concerned, a set of competencies for particular roles in the life of the Church have been developed.

The competencies are progressive, in that the competencies expected of a presbyter build on those of a Local Preacher and those expected of a Superintendent are in many ways enhancements of the competencies of a presbyter.

The competencies will be used in different ways:

Individual ministers are encouraged to reflect on the competencies as part of their vocational discernment: Is this what God is calling me to do? Can I offer what the church thinks it needs?

For potential Local Preachers, Superintendents and Chairs they are to guide those considering whether or not they might be called to that ministry and to assist in the task of discernment by others (formally or informally).  They will also be useful in Local Preacher Reviews and Ministerial Supervision.

For those who have been accepted for pre-ordination training, they are binding requirements against which the suitability of a student for initial stationing or a probationer for Reception into Full Connexion is assessed by the Ministerial Candidates and Probationers Oversight Committee (MCPOC) and those reporting to MCPOC.

Closely linked to the Competencies for Ministry is the Ministerial Covenant.  Details can be found here.


Downloads below are all in Pdf format

Those requesting a note to preach 

Those to be received onto Full Plan as Local Preachers 

Those recommended for pre-ordination training 

Those entering their first appointment in the MCB 

Those to be received into Full Connexion 

Those to be stationed as Superintendents 

Those to be designated District Chairs 

The Competencies build on each other as an individual’s ministry progresses therefore it might be helpful to view them in this grid 

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