28-30s – for those who have been in Ministry for 28-30 years


”What was, and is, and still to come” 

16, 17, 18 January 2024

Venue is Yarnfield Park, Staffordshire.  

An event for all presbyters and deacons who have been in ordained ministry for 25years+, to meet with others at the same stage of ordained ministry to;

  • Share ways of sustaining ministry
  • Be equipped for the rest of your ministry in a very different context to the one in which you started 

Over the three days of this year’s event we will be looking at What Was, What Is, and What Is To Come and to help with that we are inhabiting the story of Moses and Miriam


This event is about SPACE; it aims to be Spiritual, Practical, Attentive, Creative and an Exploration space.

  • Spiritual: worship is integral and integrated throughout. The worship will have different styles.
  • Practical: what do we need to equip us in the time and places we find ourselves.
  • Attentive : there is space for group supervision, so we can reflect on ourselves in our ministries, drawing on the wisdom of the group.
  • Creative: By this we mean thinking outside of the box. There is no expectation that you will be creative in ways which make you feel uncomfortable. We will have an artist with us throughout our time together who will represent back to us what they see, hear and sense.
  • Exploration: Exploring our vocation in the present, learning from the past and for the sake of the future
  • There is actual space: long breaks for food, and space in the programme for you simply to rest. However, this is not a retreat as such, it is an event which includes space and time for prayer as well as workshops and inputs.
  • There will be a Chaplain for the event, who will be available for one to one conversation and prayer.
  • This is not a place where we will compete about how amazing or awful our ministries have been, or are, or will be. It is a space to be Spiritual, Practical, Attentive, Creative and to Explore. 


If you would like to book on and have served longer than 25 years in Methodist Ministry then please do so via this Eventbrite link:


For more information please contact Jane Bingham in the Ministries: Vocations & Worship team, binghamj@methodistchurch.org.uk or 077 9990 0487and to book the Eventbrite link will be linked soon.

If you’d like to hear more about the event then you might want to listen to this reflection from someone who came along.