Statistics for Mission

Data and statistics on the Methodist Church in Britain. 


ROOTS is an ecumenical partnership that creates weekly resources related to the lectionary that helps you to plan inspiring worship, encourage discipleship throughout the week and nurture children and young people in their faith. 

The Worship Cloud

With content created by inspired individuals and groups, The Worship Cloud provides over 25,000 resources for use in leading worship or for personal devotion. 

Bible month

Preach magazine collaborates with the Methodist Church to deliver Bible Month. Bible Month is an opportunity for churches to spend 30 days focused on a single biblical book. In 2019, Bible Month will focus on the book of Colossians.

A Word in Time Bible study

A daily Bible study from the Methodist Church. 

Theology Everywhere

Every Monday, a short article is posted which brings some theology to bear on an issue or topic. The Theology Everywhere website is made available by the Methodist Church as one of the actions being taken to create a learning church. Contributors are from varied backgrounds; many but not all are Methodist. 

Methodist Heritage

'Methodist Heritage' is the name for the work of the Methodist Church in Britain aimed at preserving its heritage and using it as a tool for contemporary mission. 

About the Methodist Church

This section of the website includes statements on Our Calling, views of the Church, the history of Methodism and more. 

Learning & Caring Stories

Part of the calling of the Methodist Church is to help people to grow and learn as Christians, through mutual support and care. Read stories from our churches on this theme. 

The Well Learning Hub

The Well Learning Hub is a one-stop-shop for learning opportunities, resources, and support for work with children, young people, and families. 

The Beckly lectures

The Beckly Social Services Lecture takes place every year, as one of the fringe events at the Methodist Conference. According to the original charter of the Beckly Trust "the function of the Lectureship shall be to set forth the social implications of Christianity and to further the development of a Christian sociology and the expressions of the Christian attitude in reference to social, industrial, economic and international subjects."

The Fernly Hartly Lecture

The Fernly Hartly Lecture takes place every year, as one of the fringe events at the Methodist Conference. Its purpose is “to explain and defend the theological doctrines or the ecclesiastical polity of the Methodist Church, with special reference and adaptation to the necessities of the times.” 

Interfaith resources

A selection of resources from the Methodist Church on fostering good interfaith relations.