Theological Literacy

A collection of training courses to encourage deep thinking and theological engagement


Theology Book Club

The Christian tradition is rich with amazing thinkers and activists who have helped us be the kind of Christians we are today. The Learning Network has created a Theology Book Club as a way for you to hear, explore and engage with these brilliant ‘voices’ of our tradition.

You don’t need to consider yourself a ‘theologian’, but if you love to explore and think deeply about your faith this might just be for you.

Each Connexional Year we choose two or three books to explore, but our hope is that you will help us find other books to read in the future.

Each book is explored in two 90-minute sessions – so four sessions if we study two books/six sessions if we study three books during each Connexional Year.


“Having struggled alone in the past to read a few theology books so this approach is something I have been really looking for and am very excited about.”


For further information contact Simon Sutcliffe

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Theological Reflection in Practice (TRIP)


Open to anyone, but particularly relevant to those in ministry, TRIP is an opportunity to reflect theologically on various aspects of ministry. Topical and timely, the sessions are directed by and respond to whatever is happening on the ground at the time.

 Ministry is its own unique adventure, so why don't you join us on a TRIP!

I just wanted to share something with you which has happened to me since the TRIP session this week. After sharing some of my feelings of a lack of confidence in talking to people directly about life and death questions I received a call from the wife of someone who is approaching end of life and he wondered if I could ring him. I have just had a long, natural conversation with him about his feelings and fears about death and dying . He had lots of questions and we explored possible answers together. Funny how God works. Thank you for guiding us through that session.”


For further information contact Simon Sutcliffe

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Thinking Theology


Packed with ideas, tips and theories for facilitating theological enquiry with people in our churches, Thinking Theology is an opportunity to think about how we do theology so that we can help others to ‘think theologically’.

If you lead worship, Bible study groups or fellowship groups – this might be for you!

Focusing on Feasts and Festivals, in particular some theological work on the lesser festivals, this online course is run over three two-hour sessions, one per term.

“I think this reflection of Tradition is a very important factor in the changes we are facing within our churches. The material helped me to reach affirmation of my thoughts and reflections at this weekend's Synod”

 (2021/22 Thinking Theology participant)

For further information contact Simon Sutcliffe

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