How do we anchor our understanding of God’s justice in turbulent times? The Methodist Conference agreed six Principles for justice which describe what we understand of God’s justice and what this means for us as justice-seekers.

The Principles do not tell us everything we need to know. Nor do they mean that we no longer need to think, talk or pray together. Instead, they are a powerful expression of what keeps us rooted in God as we wrestle with injustice. They will help us to talk about our call to justice and support us as we face new challenges.


Principles for Justice

God made humans in the image of God, each worthy of equal value and dignity.

The search for justice entails treating others with respect, and may involve reclaiming lost worth.

God desires the flourishing of creation and human community within it.

The search for justice does not diminish or limit the flourishing of others but seeks to enable it.

God consistently shows a bias to people experiencing poverty and those who are excluded.

The search for justice must attend to those who live in poverty, and those who are marginalised in other ways, as a priority.

God entrusts those in power with a special responsibility for upholding justice.

Those seeking justice will encourage and challenge those with power to fulfil their vocation.

God calls all people and nations actively to work for peace and justice, liberation and transformation.

It is never just someone else’s responsibility. We all have a part to play.

God calls us to live in hope and in ways that reflect God’s character and the pattern of God’s kingdom.

Thus, seeking justice involves honesty and truth, and may demand protest and resistance, restitution, forgiveness, reconciliation and ultimately transformation.

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  • Which of these Principles for justice speaks most to you and why?
  • Think of a current issue of injustice – how might one or more of the Principles help you to think more deeply about God’s justice in this situation?


Coming soon: further resources for groups to study these Principles for justice.