New Employee Orientation

The purpose of this information is to assist the line managers/ supervisors with the induction of a new member of staff.

The New Employee Orientation, commonly known as induction to workplace is about an introduction to: 

  • People
  • Places
  • Resources
  • Practices
  • Procedures
  • Information

The aim of induction is to help the newcomer to integrate in their new role and working environment as quickly as possible. It is however important to recognise that induction is a process that should take place over a number of weeks, it is not a one-day event.

The length and content of the induction programme will vary and depend on the nature of the new employee’s role. The checklist available in this section has been designed to cover general issues/ topics that may need to be included in the induction programme in order to assist the new employee settle in as easily and effectively as possible.

The checklist should be adapted to suit the type of work undertaken by the lay employee. 

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