Worship: Foundations

Training resources for those starting out as Worship Leaders or Local Preachers or anyone considering whether God is calling them to be more involved in the worship life of the church.  This material is also ideal for use as continuing development in Local Preachers’ Meetings or as discussion material for class meetings and small groups.


worship-foundations-cover-0518An Introduction to Preparing and Leading Worship

Worship is at the heart of all we do as Christians.  Whether as a worship leader or local preacher, or as a church steward responsible for a local arrangement in your church, we seek to do the best we can as we lead the people of God in worship.  This booklet offers a framework to help you, particularly if you’re just starting out leading worship.

Worship: Foundations - an introduction to preparing and leading worship in the Methodist Church (Pdf)

Hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg:

Addoliad: Sylfeini - cyflwyniad i baratoi ac arwain addoliad yn yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd - fersiwn Cymraeg (Pdf)


Also available is a Worship Planning sheet, which you can use to collect your ideas for planning worship, based on the framework described in the booklet:

Worship planning sheet (Word)

Taflen Cynllunio Addoli (Word)

Jesus – the videos

Jesus is at the heart of our faith and life as Christian people, yet many of us struggle to explain to others why he is so important, indeed why we worship him as our Lord and Saviour.  In these four short videos, Revd Dr Calvin Samuel explores who Jesus was, and his relevance for our life and mission today. 

Each video is accompanied by a Worksheet, summarising the video and providing some ideas for personal reflection or discussion.  You can download this and print it as you need to.

A transcript of the video is also available for download and printing.

Click here for Jesus - the videos