Supervision of Probationers

Training in Supervision of Probationers

From September 2019, all circuits receiving Probationary Ministers are required to offer them supervision under the Supervision Policy.

This means a Supervisor will need to have been trained on a Connexional Supervision Training Course, Responsible Grace, that is, they will have trained since September 2017 and been approved to supervise under the policy. Those who have attended training prior to September 2017 will need to retrain under the current policy.

Training course options

For those who have already attended the training and who are in supervision themselves, all you need to do is attend at a special event on Supervising a Probationer at The Queen's Foundation on 26 May 2021 for those student ministers who have trained full-time or 29 May 2021 for those student ministers who have trained on the part-time pathway. During this briefing, time will be devoted to addressing the distinctive nature of supervising a Minister on Probation and how that leads to Supervision modelled in the training Responsible Grace. The briefing on supervising a probationer is linked to an event at which Superintendent ministers and/or supervisors are invited to meet their Probationary Minister, on the same day.

Provisional timings for each day will be 10.00am-12.00noon – briefing for approved supervisors who will be supervising probationers; 1.45pm-4.30pm – session for Superintendents receiving probationers. (Supervisors and/or someone else from the Circuit, as invited by the Superintendent, if Superintendents are not able to attend, will also be invited.)

The date you are invited to attend will be linked to the student minister with whom the probation match has been made and their availability, so please provisionally reserve both dates if possible, and then book once it is clear whether a match has been made and who with.

Please contact Karen Vincent at to sign up if needed.

For those who have not yet attended supervision training (or who were trained before September 2017), please contact to request a place on a suitable Supervision Training Course. You will also need to arrange to attend the events listed above.


Role Descriptions:

The supervisor of a probationer (Pdf)

The supervisee (who is a probationer) (Pdf)

Nominated third party (of a probationer) (Pdf)

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