Called to be ordained?


‘I think God is calling me to be a minister’ - those were the words I finally managed to mumble many years ago when my minister wanted to know why I was asking to see him. They are words that all those who serve as presbyters and deacons in the Methodist Church today have at some point said with varying degrees of nervousness or conviction – to their friends, their spouses, their spiritual guide, their minister – beginning a process of exploration with others in the Church to test their sense of call.

That you are reading this suggests that those are words that you have recently said or thought about saying. This section of the website aims to help you in two ways.

On these pages you will find stories from those who have said those words to the Church and whose call the Church has then tested.

On these pages are discernment resources and events to help you explore  what it might mean to discover that God is indeed calling you to ordained ministry.  

Finally, we explain how to start the formal process of discovering more and then offering to the church  “I think that God is calling me to be a minister”. May God bless you as you consider taking that step. An outline of the process can be downloaded 


Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler, Secretary of the Conference