Stationing forms and guidelines


Code of Practice for All Involved in Invitation and Stationing Process (2022) 

Code of Practice Changes 2022 

Stationing Visits - COVID19 - for the Word version click here

Summary of the Invitation and Stationing Process for appointments commencing September 2022 

Stationing Forms 2022 

(Word versions for download)

S4 Proforma for reasoned statements for critical appointments - 2022

S5 Proforma for reporting the results of a stationing match 2022 - CIRCUITS

S6 Proforma for reporting the results of a stationing match 2022 - PRESBYTERS

S7 Profile form for Presbyters - 2022

S8 Profile form for Deacons - 2022

S12 Circuit profile form - Presbyteral - 2022 

S13 Circuit profile form - Diaconal - 2022

S14 Application for the stationing of a probationer presbyter within the Methodist Church in Britain - 2022

S15 Profile form for Circuit appointment for Ministers from other Churches and Conferences (MOCC) - 2022 

 Guidelines and other information

Probationer presbyters in local ecumenical partnerships - guidance note

Creating and sustaining new diaconal appointments - information leaflet for circuits

Orientation for incoming ministers to Methodist and United Reformed LEPs

Advice for circuits which are reconfiguring

Arrangements for flexible retirement 

Guidelines for circuits and districts making use of the ministry of supernumeraries

Recognised and Regarded ministers in the British Methodist Church - the process before new appointments

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