Ordination Exploration Days

Wondering if you’re called to be…ordained?

Ordination – Exploration Days

Is God calling you to be an Ordained Minister in the Methodist Church?

  • Has anyone ever suggested to you that you would make a good minister?
  • Have you ever felt God calling you to serve the Church as a Deacon or Presbyter?
  • Do you want to know more about the life of the ordained?

This Connexional year we are hosting two different events (one is repeated) 

A morning event, online, for you to gather with others exploring ordained ministry and to ask any question you want about ordained ministry, training, the candidating process.

Saturday 8th October 2022 - click here to book your place


Saturday 6th May 2023 - booking opening soon 


Saturday 11th February 2023 - booking opening soon

This online morning event is to find out more about Deaconal ministry.

Why might you attend this event?

If you are wondering if you are called to be a Deacon, or if you will be candidating as a Presbyter and want to know more about the ministry of a Deacon.  


All these events are free, however, booking is required. You are welcome to bring a friend or significant other with you.  

All events are interactive and prayerful, with space for you to ask questions.

For more information please contact mvw@methodistchurch.org.uk 


Not sure if this day is for you?  Have a conversation with your Minister or Superintendent Minister


Please be aware that attending this exploration date does not oblige you to candidate as a Methodist Minister.


For Frequently Asked Questions about candidating please see the FAQs page here.

Read these words and look at the image to the side as   you ponder the questions

  Ordination is the culmination of a long process in which   the Church:

  •       Discerns the call of candidates
  •       Tests the call
  •       Forms ministerial development

 Ordination goes hand-in-hand with your ‘reception into Full   Connexion’ with the Methodist Conference. This is when ministers and the Church/Conference enter into a covenant relationship, with the associated privileges and responsibilities.

We read of the early Christians: “All who believed  were together and had all things in common.” Acts 2:44 (NRSV)  

Methodism teaches us that we “watch over one another in Christian love.”

  • Who can you talk to about your sense of calling?
  • What type of community do you long to be a part of?

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