The Methodist Church holds a City Centre List which includes churches, projects and circuits that have been considered by both the District Policy Committee and the Methodist Council to meet the criteria. Those on the City Centre List are governed by Standing Order 440. You can be a member of the City Centre Network without being a member of the List - in this case, you will not have the rights, responsibilities and privileges laid out in SO 440. If you would like to learn more about or join the network, please email methodistcitycentrenetwork@gmail.com For information about the City Centre List, including how to join the List, please see below. 

A City Centre Church or Project within Methodism is recognised to have at least four out of five of these dominant features. 

  • The main features of the environment are retail, civic, leisure, judicial, commercial and educational institutions serving a dense population.
  • The significant population is transient.
  • There are obvious extremes of power and powerlessness, wealth and poverty.
  • There are obvious changes of community between the daytime and night-time economies.
  • The church acts as a magnet to various groups of people.

City Centre Reviews

Standing Order 440 (5) requires the District Synod to carry out a review of the City Centre church, circuit or project once every five years. This should be done in collaboration with the responsible Church Council or Circuit Meeting or Management Committee.

The district may decide to follow a major review process where everything in the life of the city centre church, circuit or project is taken into consideration. A district will probably ask a Connexional Officer or member of the Methodist City Centre Network to help in doing this. Alternatively a smaller more focused review might take place. The below guidelines document may help in this. 

Download the City Centre Church, Circuit or Project Guidelines (Word doc)

More information

Please contact Ian Belcher, Mission Projects Officer, for further information or to request a copy of the current City Centre List. 

You can apply for a church, project or circuit to be added to the City Centre List using this form (Word doc). Please complete it electronically and email it to Trey Hall, Director of Evangelism and Growth.