Advertising and Support Sources

For general guidelines on advertising Lay vacancies please see the section on Advertising, Recruitment and Selection.

For roles involving Children/Youth/Community work it is highly recommended to consider advertising:

  • Through the Council for Voluntary Youth Service (CVYS) who circulate job vacancies to all registered youth groups at set intervals.
  • The Methodist Recorder or the press of the other denominations.
  • Magazines read by youth and community workers e.g:

Youth and Children Work (Christian youth work magazine),
CCP, P O Box 17911
London SW1P 4YX
Tel: 020 7316 1450
Web site: www.youthandchildrens.work

Children & Young People Now (which is a secular magazine lined to the National Youth Agency
Tel: 020 8267 4652
Web site: www.cypnow.co.uk

AMAZE (Association of Christian Youth and Children’s Workers)
Tel: 0121 503 0824
Web site: www.amaze.org - Age appropriate info on puberty for teens and their parents