Vision: As the cost of living crisis deepens, more people are going to experience poverty. This Network aims to provide an online space to encourage people who are supporting or nurturing new Christian communities amongst economically marginalised people.

Who is this Network for?

People (paid or unpaid) who are actively nurturing new Christian communities amongst economically marginalised people.

What will the sessions include?

  • Listening carefully to people's lived experience and sharing stories
  • Learning together
  • Providing support
  • Praying together

Led by: Church at the Margins Officer, Eunice Attwood

When: 4-5 pm on Tuesday evenings 

Book on the links in red below to sign up for each session:

9 Apr 2024 14 May 2024 11 Jun 2024 9 Jul 2024

As part of the Church at the Margins Network we are also hoping to hold an annual  24 hour retreat.

In addition to this online space, practitioners may also be able to meet up locally with learning network colleagues or district mission enablers. 

The Church at the Margins practitioners Network will reflect the core values of Church at the economic Margins

Seek Justice We will seek opportunities to enable the voices of the economically vulnerable to be heard by those with power to instigate change.

Prioritise the lived experience of people at the economic margins We believe people with lived experience are the experts and are essential partners in co-designing, co-creating, co-delivering and co-leading any practice.

Share power We will share power and recognise the dynamics and potential misuse of power.

Celebrate inclusion and participation We will resist service-provider models of community engagement based on the rich doing something for the poor. We believe the whole Church needs to receive the gifts of those at the economic margins to be fully transformed by the gospel of Christ.

Enable leadership communities We will nurture, enable, and develop local leadership within people already present and invested in their local context.