Before making an application, please ensure you have read and considered all the information below.

Associate Presbyter or Deacon. [S.O. 733A]

Such people are not treated as presbyters or deacons who are recognised and regarded as admitted into Full Connexion or authorised to serve the British Conference:

  • they serve under the condition and terms of service of their own Church
    [e.g. do not receive stipend or manse from the Methodist Church in Great Britain]
  • they are wholly accountable to their own Church for all that they are and do
  • they fulfil duties primarily in their own Church but, by agreement with that Church, undertake specific functions in specific contexts (as set out in the Standing Order) which the Methodist Church in Great Britain agrees to affirm and own as done on its behalf
  • those functions do not involve the exercise of pastoral charge.

To all intents and purposes, therefore, those who are granted the status of associate presbyter or deacon by the Conference of the British Methodist Church primarily serve their own Churches, but in specified ecumenical settings the Conference may affirm and own their work as if it were done on its behalf.

Associate presbyters or deacons are not formally stationed by the Methodist Church, but named in a separate list at the end of the stations with a note as to the circuit with which they are to be associated and in which their ministry is to be acknowledged.

The identifying of an appointment with which someone may be associated and the checking of that person's credentials involves the completion of paperwork that is standard throughout the Connexion. It is carried out in a particular District, but moderated by connexional officers.

Applications can be made at any time using the form below and must be signed by the circuit and the district.

Application to be granted the status of Associate Presbyter or Deacon [SO 733A] (Word doc)