Develop transformational leadership

Transformational leadership is about churches, circuits and New Places for New People (NPNPs) making the main thing the main thing: speaking of, listening for, and living out the Good News of God's love in Jesus. It's about being prepared to transform for the sake of transformation in the world God loves, recognising that the Church is there for the benefit of the whole world. It's about being open to growth of all kinds: growing disciples; growing in love for our communities; growing and deepening relationships;  and, by God's grace, growing in number too.

Transformation happens when God's people:

  • Clearly understand the purpose God has given them;
  • Put God's mission first;
  • Work as a team;
  • Act, reflect, then act again;
  • Have a critical friend with them on the journey.

On these pages you will find resources and events to help you, your church, your circuit and your NPNP move into transformation.

Top tips to resist burnout in leadership