Documents which need to be sent to the District Lay Employment Secretary

Our Standing Orders (438A) require employing bodies to keep the District Lay Employment Sub-committee informed of all employment arrangements for all employees within the district.

This is done through the District Lay Employment Secretary, therefore it is important that they are made aware of the employment arrangements for all employees within the district.

They also must be provided with any relevant employment related documents, including:

  • Documents relating to proposed appointments, incl. Authorisation to Recruit Form, advert, job description and person specification, information about funding and DBS. After the offer was made verbally: draft conditional offer letter, draft formal offer letter and  Statement of Terms and Conditions. (For step by step guidance about managing the recruitment process please go to Advertising, Recruitment & Selection section. Model documents used in recruitment can be obtained from the Downloadable Templates)
  • A copy of the written Statement of Terms and Conditions signed by the lay employee
  • Notification of any contractual changes which occur during employment
  • Notification of the intention to terminate a contract
  • Notification of the intention to invoke disciplinary procedures
  • Notification of plans for reorganisation, potential redundancies and TUPE

Please kindly note that NO appointment may be made unless prior approval of the appointment and of the documentation has been obtained from the District Lay Employment Sub Committee* acting through the DLES.

*The functions of the Lay Employment Sub-Committee are set out in CPD 438A (5).

The Role of the District Lay Employment Secretary

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