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Capsticks Solicitors, in partnership with the Connexional Team, TMCP and the panel surveyors, held an event called  Methodist Property Projects: Getting off on the right foot seminar series.  You can view the slides from the Connexional Property Strategy here.  



Property Matters is a monthly newsletter focused on giving updates on property related guidance and legalisation as well as providing information and links to related subjects.

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We are looking to set up a network of Consents Enablers. This will consist of several people in each region or District who are experts at using the Property Consents system, with the aim of providing basic support to local users of the system. These enablers will be provided with training so that they can help other trustees find their way around the system. This will be in addition to the continuing support provided by the team in London and the local District Property Secretaries.

Initial training material is available on the Consents Enablers page.

If you or somebody you know is interested in becoming a Consents Enabler, please email

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