Step 7 - Begin the Build - Conservation & Listed Buildings


Please note that the generic advice available in Step 7 also applies to Historic Places of Worship but it is not uncommon, when dealing with Historic Places of Worship, to identify unforeseen works during the build process. This is why it’s important to have the right professional overseeing the project, experienced contractors and constant dialogue with the Connexional Conservation Officer, who can advise on the need for any additional consents or may request further details.

If you intend to start major alterations, renovations or repairs, it’s important that you inform your insurance company so they can consider the effect the work will have on your policy and ensure that the correct cover is in place for the building works themselves. If access towers or scaffolding is required, then you should ensure any historic lead work within reach of the access is marked with Smartwater to ensure insurance cover in the event of any vandalism or lead theft during the works.  Further guidance on Smartwater can be found here.  

Don’t forget that Listed Places of Worship benefit from the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme which offers grants that cover the VAT incurred in making repairs to listed buildings in use as places of worship. The scheme covers repair to the fabric of the building, along with associated professional fees, plus repairs to turret clocks, pews, bells and pipe organs.  More information can be found here

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