The Leadership Year is an exciting opportunity for 18-30 year olds across the Connexion (the Methodist Church in Britain), who want to invest time in developing their leadership abilities. It is aimed at those who may just be starting out in a leadership role, or who are wanting to be involved in leadership, which may be within a church setting, or outside the Church.

As a participant of the Leadership Year you will:

  • take part in three residential weekends (November, March, July), exploring leadership
  • be part of a group with other 18-30 year olds – a chance to make new friendships and support one another
  • have the opportunity to meet in a small group between the residential weekends
  • have the opportunity to take part in local/Connexional events
  • have the opportunity to be mentored/coached.

Being a participant on the Leadership Year can easily fit around your other commitments, such as work and study.

We ask that you commit to attending the three weekends and then join in with the other opportunities as much as you can

On this page:

The residentials
The weekend residentials will be held at Cliff College, which is in the heart of the Peak District and surrounded by beautiful countryside. There will opportunities to worship and pray together as well as to explore topics connected to understanding leadership. Topics will be explored through discussions, experiential learning, games, group work, self-reflection. There will also be times to be social, have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

The content
The Leadership Year focuses on what it means to be a Christian in leadership (whether that is in the Church or society). We’ll explore a number of leadership characteristics such as integrity, humility, self-awareness, discernment, resilience, which we believe are essential to developing transformative leaders. Personal discipleship is integral to leadership, so worship and prayer are a key aspect of the weekends. You’ll find out more about yourself, gain a greater depth of understanding about leadership, and discover what the next steps are for you to grow in your leadership.

Beyond the weekends
The phrase ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’ works well here! You are encouraged to keep reflecting on what you have learned, throughout the year. You may choose to reflect with a small group, a mentor/coach or on your own (or all three!). We want you to take opportunities to lead in different ways, in a local context or maybe in other ways across the Connexion, and to reflect on what you are learning.

The application process
There are 12 fully-funded places available this year. This will cover all the cost of attendance at the residentials, including travel expenses. To apply for a place please fill in the application form. Applications close on Friday 22 September 2023. You will be contacted shortly after that date to let you know whether you have been offered a place. Should you miss out on a funded place, there is the possibility to self-fund. Please do talk to us about that.

What previous participants have said…

“Given me new ideas on how I can be a faithful leader and equipped me to work better with others, especially those who are different to me.”

“Helpful for unpicking different views of what leadership is.”

“I enjoyed and benefitted from the space you created for us to share and listen to different views.”




Dates for the residential weekends 2023-24:

10-12 November 2023

22-24 March 2024

5-7 July 2024

How to contact us

If you need to contact us to ask any questions then please email us.