Day conference on Presence, Communication and Digital Media Technologies

On Friday 13 December 2019 there was a day conference at Cliff College to explore questions about the nature of online life and Christian experience. 

The purpose of the day was not only to meet together for reflection but to help inform the Faith and Order Committee’s work on the nature of online life.  It was an opportunity to hear and take account of the varieties of usage of communication technologies amongst church communities, and reliable research into benefits and effects on relationships, habits, mental health, social cohesion, and so forth.

The day focused on the theme of ‘presence’ which included

  • thinking about the character of gathered or dispersed communities
  • distinctions between online activity and face-to-face interactions
  • connections between data and identity
  • ownership of media platforms and spaces
  • the broad variety of experiences with media technologies, and their continuous evolution
  • pastoral and reflective practices
  • authenticity and trust
  • communication and community 

Download the programme