Providing References

Employers should provide a standard reference of employment consisting of confirmation of name, job title and length of service.

References must in substance be true and accurate. 

A referee is not required to provide a copy of a reference to the person about whom the reference is written.  Under the GDPR 2018, the person does, however, have a right to ask to see the reference once it is in the hands of a third party.

Action point checklist

  • Ensure that the information given in a reference is accurate or is genuinely and reasonably believed, after adequate investigation, to be so.
  • Be consistent about the type of information provided and when references are given.
  • Try to limit the number of people within the organisation who can give references.
  • Mark the reference private and confidential.
  • Try to avoid telephone/oral references.
  • Consider whether or not a disclaimer would be appropriate