Discerning ordained vocation is a two-way process, involving you and the church.

If you have discerned that you think God is inviting you to offer for ordained ministry, then at this stage you are required to share your calling story, and evidence how you meet the criteria for ordained ministry.

There are forms to complete, and events to attend to ensure you are well resourced. Key dates are to be found here

portfolio Portfolio

The Learning Network will support you to make the most of your portfolio. This session is two hours, online, and you will come away with a clear sense of the ‘what is expected in the portfolio’, and ‘how to create the content’. You can attend either the session in June 2024 or the same session repeated in September 2024. 

Below is the Eventbrite link for the portfolio support sessions:

Candidates' Portfolio Support | Eventbrite


After all forms are completed, and checks done, you will submit your portfolio and meet for a 48 hour process with representatives of the church who will have read your portfolio. The committee will confer together and the following week, you will then be told if you have been recommended to begin training as a student minister, and your preparation for training will begin. If you are not recommended to begin training as a student minister, you will be offered a  retreat to  discern your next steps. 


The new forms are now on the website. Please note the C2 form local and specific contexts application, will be on this page mid February.



Application form


Candidating Context form


Superintendents report on the future


CLT Reference form


Employer's reference form


Critical friend reference form


Portfolio template and Guidance


Booklist of Suggested Books for Candidates