Supervision in Ministry: A Resource List

Key texts

Leach & Paterson, Pastoral Supervision: A Handbook, 2nd edition, London SCM Press 2015

Jane Leach, A Charge to Keep: Reflective Supervision and the Renewal of Christian Leadership, Wesley’s Foundary Books  2020

Michael S Paterson, Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Pastoral Supervision Revisited & Revisioned,  2020

Helen D Cameron, Living in the Gaze of God: Supervision and Ministerial Flourishing,  SCM Press  2018

Michael Paterson & Jessica Rose, Enriching Ministry: Pastoral Supervision in Practice, London SCM 2014

Margaret Benefiel & Ger Holton, The Soul of Supervision: Integrating Practice and Theory, Morehouse, 2010

William de Long, Courageous Conversations: The teaching and learning of pastoral supervision, University Press of America, 2009

Frances Ward, Lifelong Learning: Theological Education and Supervision, London: SCM Press 2005

Group Supervision : notes for beginners  M Paterson & Liz Crumlish

Kenneth Pohly, The Distinctiveness of Ministry Supervision,

Kenneth Pohly, Transforming the Rough Places: The Ministry of Supervision, 2nd Edition, Franklin TN: Providence House, 2001

'Pastoral Supervision', Uniting Church of Australia 2001

Michael Paterson & Liz Crumlish, Pastoral Supervision: Creativity in Action, IPSRP Publications, 2021
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Seminal texts from the broader supervision literature

Hawkins & Shohet, Supervision in the Helping Professions. Third Edition. Buckingham: Open University Press, 2006

Michael Carroll, Effective Supervision for the Helping Professions, London: Sage 2014

Edgar H. Schein, Helping: How to offer, give and receive help. Understanding effective dynamics in one-to-one, group and organisational relationships, Berrett-Koehler Publishers 2009

Lynette Hughes and Paul Pengelly, Staff Supervision in a Turbulent Environment: managing process and task in front-line services, London & Philadelphia: JKP  1997. 

Francesca Inskipp & Brigid Proctor, Making the Most of Supervision Part 1 (2nd ed The Art craft and tasks of counselling supervision),1993, reprinted 1995.

Michael Carroll, The Spirituality of supervision in M Carroll and M Tholstrup eds., Integrative Approaches to Supervision, London: JKP 2001

Mooli Lahad, Creative Supervision, London & Philadelphia: JKP 2000

Robin Shohet ed., Passionate Supervision, London & Philadelphia: JKP 2008

James Neafsey in 'Seeing Beyond: A contemplative approach to supervision' in Bumpus & Langer, Supervision of Spiritual Directors: Engaging in Holy Mystery, Morehouse, 2005

Vest, Still Listening: New Directions in Spiritual Direction, Morehouse 2000

Bobby Moore, Reflexive Supervision: a workbook for learning within and across profession, 2017


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