Working out worship

Working out Worship

These 2 hour  'Working out Worship' sessions aim to help you explore some principles and skills for leading engaging worship in different contexts. They focus on different elements of worship, key aspects in facilitating worship, and a variety of styles or approaches to leading worship. Whether you want to develop skills for what you are already involved in or you are planning new ways of worship with congregations or small groups, these session will be helpful to you. You can attend as an individual or as a group with other stewards, worship leaders, preachers or contributors to your worship context(s).

There are a range of areas we focus on but we can add to these with other areas of particular focus. They include:

  • Local Arrangements

Local arrangements are a great opportunity for churches to explore different ways of worshipping together. How can these be led well? Whether you are a church steward, worship leader or someone who regularly contributes to worship, this training session will help you. It will look at the steps of planning a service, different aspects and approaches to keep in mind, and how to plan ahead. The session will also signpost you to useful resources to assist you.

  • Creative Worship

Is creativity a style of worship or something we should aim to incorporate into every part of worship? What does it mean to be 'creative' in worship? Ever found yourself saying "I'm not very creative", or "I wish our services were more creative?". Whether you can't get enough of creativity or find yourself intimidated by it, this training session is for you! It will deepen our understanding of the creative nature of God and help us explore how we can use creativity to connect our senses to God.

  • Intergenerational Worship

What does it mean to be truly 'intergenerational' as a worshipping community? How do we integrate different styles and approaches to encourage the participation of all? Whether you have lots of children or young people in your congregation or none at the moment, this session is for you! It will explore what it looks like to be an intergenerational church and how we can enable intergenerational worship for all who are present to participate. It will look at how we can be inclusive and engaging in all we do and offer some tools to help in planning.

  • Practice what you preach

This session will help you develop skills further for the things you've been learning about. Whether you want to develop extemporary prayer or reflective prayer spaces, use creative ideas for small groups or get support for planning worship with larger congregations, this session will help you in your preparation and practice.