A prayer at the end of LGBT+ History Month 2023

Loving God, 

We thank you for the stories we have heard this month, even when those stories have been hard to hear.

Forgive us the times that we have denied the diversity of your creation.
Forgive us our misunderstandings. 
Forgive us the carelessness with language that has hurt others. 

Thank you for those who have shared their stories with us.

Thank you for those who have persevered in the church in spite of our failings.
Thank you for those who have challenged and overcome discrimination.
And thank you for the changes that we have seen because of their witness, because of our repentance, and because of your guiding.

Encourage us, we pray, that we might continue to do and to be better. May your whole church become the diverse, welcoming and inclusive community you call us to be.