This section contains links to lots of resources for further individual learning about a wide range of topics.  All of them have been recommended to the Methodist Church by people with experience in the relevant field.  Not all of these external resources will always share a Methodist ethos or theology.  However, that does not mean we cannot learn more about equality, diversity and inclusion issues from reading these resources, and then apply that learning within church life, to better ensure justice, dignity and solidarity within our fellowship.

This video from the Learning Network gives guidance on Critical Thinking and how we can help ourselves to learn, even when we are considering resources that contain things that make us uncomfortable, or with which we disagree theologically: https://youtu.be/pBYp8Ke8YmU

If you find anything in these resources that you consider inappropriate, please reflect on what learning you can take from the resource and why other Methodists might have recommended it.  Please also contact Equality&diversity@methodistchurch.org.uk to report the resource so it can be reviewed and removed from this list if necessary.


Age UK: www.ageuk.org.uk
The country's leading charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life


7 habits of Generation Z your church might be ignoring: 7 Habits of Generation Z Your Church Might Be Ignoring - CareyNieuwhof.com
A guide to how the church can interact with the lifestyles of young adults


3Generate: 3Generate (methodist.org.uk)

3Generate is the annual Methodist children’s and youth assembly, which aims to create an inclusive space for the prophetic voice of children and young people to emerge and be heard.


Deep Talk: Deep Talk – Respecting communities (deep-talk.blog)
A process for small groups to explore stories and face challenges together.


Deep Talk Training: Developing Deep Talk training – Deep Talk (deep-talk.blog)
"Developing Deep Talk” training course to explore and equip people for practicing Deep Talk.


Keep Tuning In: Keep tuning in (methodist.org.uk)
Resources for year-round discipleship of children and young people, in recognition that they need to be embedded fully in the life and community of a church in order to flourish.


MHA: MHA | Live Later Life Well
Methodist Homes, the UK’s largest charity care provider, dedicated to enabling older people to live later life well.


Nubian Life Resource Centre: Home | Nubian Life
A charity that provides culturally specific care to African, Asian and Caribbean older people.


Talking about dying: Talking about dying | Cancer Research UK
Guidance from Cancer Research UK on how to talk about dying.


The Well Learning Hub: The Well Learning Hub - equipping and supporting workers (methodist.org.uk)
A one-stop shop for learning opportunities, resources and support for work with children, young people and families.


The Well Learning Hub: Exploring calling and discernment: A Webinar From the Well: Exploring Calling and Discernment in Children and Young People - YouTube
A webinar exploring calling and discernment in children and young people.


The Well Learning Hub: Mission Planning: A Webinar from The Well | 3Generate and Mission Planning: a Joint Webinar with Evangelism and Growth - YouTube
A webinar on involving children and young people in mission planning.


The Well Learning Hub: Prophetic voice: A Webinar from the Well: The prophetic voice of children and young people - YouTube
A webinar exploring the prophetic voice of children and young people.


The Well Learning Hub YouTube: The Well Learning Hub - YouTube
Video channel to resource and equip children’s and youth leaders in the Methodist Church.


Third Age Discipleship: A report to Methodist Council on the discipleship of adults of retirement age within church life.


Voice Activated: Voice Activated (methodist.org.uk)
A resource to share the vision and learning of the Youth Participation Strategy.


Youthscape Essentials: Essentials training for Children, Youth and Family Ministry (methodist.org.uk)
Learning pathway for anyone involved in youth ministry, with courses for children’s and intergenerational ministry to follow.  There is also a ‘taster session’ on how to build rapport with young people.



Age: Suggested Reading

Generations Together: Generations Together: Caring, Praying, Learning, Celebrating, & Serving Faithfully eBook : Amidei, Kathie, Merhaut, Jim, Roberto, John: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store
Book on intergenerational Christian congregations


Reverse Mentoring: Reverse Mentoring: How Young Leaders Can Transform the Church and Why We Should Let Them
Book on how young leaders can transform the church and why we should let them


Young Woke Christian: Young, Woke, Christian by Victoria Turner 9780334061533 | Eden
Book by Victoria Turner on how to share the Gospel message with a generation who are passionate about justice