Mental health

A Prayer for Mental Health Awareness Week

When we feel isolated and lonely God of faithfulness, be our companion.
When intrusive thoughts disturb and overwhelm God of peace, quieten our minds.
When we feel distraught and struggle to face the day God of eternity, be our light.
When self-doubt and shame feel overwhelming God of hope, sustain us.
When we constantly crave to be more God of truth, help us accept we are enough.
Loving, life-giving, life-transforming God You are our Rock, our Refuge and Salvation.

Children & Young People

Mental health is an issue of growing concern among children and young people and those who work with them. Visit the Mental Health resource page of the Methodist Children, Youth and Families Team.


1 in 4 British adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in at some point in life.

Not Alone offers information and worship resources to raise awareness about mental health. The 10th October each year is World Mental Health Day. The worship resources and information on these web pages could be used on the nearest Sunday to that date, or at any other time a church wants to focus on these issues.

Isolation is a big problem for many people experiencing mental illness and churches can play an important part in reducing loneliness. Some churches run projects that offer support to people with mental health problems and many Christians work in caring professions and voluntary organisations that help in this area. If you would like to be inspired to do something similar, follow the link to stories of how Christians are making a difference,

Out of Solitary Places is a downloadable leaflet that explores these issues and offers practical ideas for how churches can respond. 

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