We are committed to providing a coach to those who are part of one of the Evangelism and Growth learning communities. However, we realise there are some who are engaged in innovative mission and evangelism who would benefit from coaching. If this is you, the God for All Influencer coaching programme could be for you. We know from experience that coaching is a gift to pioneers, transformational leaders, evangelists, and the places they serve God. A coach asks great questions, listens well, and helps the coachee figure out what next steps they should take to see the dreams God has given them become a reality.

The God for All Influencer coaching programme offers coaching support to a limited number of leaders (lay or ordained) in the Methodist Church in Britain who have the potential to enable significant change in the missional culture in their church, circuit or district. This programme is open to applicants across the whole Connexion. To join the God for All Influencer coaching programme you will need to complete the application form below. 

What is being offered?

If your application is successful, the Evangelism and Growth team, in partnership with the Learning Network, will match you with a coach or coaching cohort. Your coach will be trained, skilled and will understand the Christian mission context. The coaching costs are covered by the programme. Even though coaching is a gift, it also requires a significant commitment of time and energy to make the most of the opportunity for growth as a leader. You will be expected to meet with your coach ten times a year, for an hour at a time, and this will take place online. In between sessions, your coach may invite you to read or reflect, as well as take action in the areas you have explored during your time together.

Is this for me?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all three of these questions, then we would encourage you to apply to join the coaching programme:

  • Are you a member of the Methodist Church (lay or ordained, but not on probation) who is committed to practising mission and evangelism and encouraging others to do the same?
  •  Are you actively involved in mission, evangelism, or pioneering – either as a practitioner, a young leader, a district officer (such as a District Mission Enabler), or a change-maker?
  • Do you recognise that you have potential for change-making and that the support of a coach might enable you to fulfil that potential in a focused and strategic way?

Click this link, giving basic information, background to ministry and context, and contact details of a recognised leader i.e. a District Chair or a Superintendent Minister who we can ask for a reference. You can make an application at any point during the year. If you have any problems or questions, please contact coaching@methodistchurch.org.uk

Once received, we will read your application and contact you as soon as a decision has been made. If you are invited to join the God For All Influencer coaching programme, we will match you with a coach. They will get in touch to organise an initial meeting to introduce themselves, get to know you a little, and calendar a series of sessions.

Still not sure? Read Matt Finch's blog.