Book a one-off coaching session

Coaching is a gift from the church to its leaders. It is a conversation between two people where one person feels seen and heard and knows something new at the end.*

Coaching works in short bursts. Just 60 minutes with a coach can help you get just enough insight, just in time. And that's exactly what we're offering to any leader, lay or ordained, volunteer or paid, in a Methodist Church or Local Ecumenical Partnership.

How to use Single Session Coaching

Single Session Coaching is great for one-off conversations. You and your coach will work online for 60 minutes on a topic you bring. We find people want to work with a coach when they want to:

  • Make a good decision, but don't know how
  • Respond to something new in their church or Circuit
  • Unpack something that's emerged in a Ministerial Development Review or a Reflective Supervision session
  • Work out whether to take an issue to their Reflective Supervisor, a coach, or a therapist

How to book

Email the Evangelism and Growth Team to book a session at a time that suits you.

* Huge thanks to Claire Pedrick and the team at 3D Coaching for this definition.