A Very Modern Ministry: Chaplaincy in the UK
A Theos report by Ben Ryan analysing the the scope and importance of chaplaincy in the UK today

Chaplains on Campus: Understanding Chaplaincy in UK Universities

Doing God in Education
A Theos report by Trevor Cooling exploring how to 'do God' in education

Fullness of Life Together: Reimagining Christian engagement in our communities
Reflections on how Christians might work with others in ways that build community, resulting in life in all its fullness

Health and Social Care Chaplaincy Journal

Relationship, Presence and Hope: University Chaplaincy during the COVID-19 Pandemic
A Theos report by Simon Perfect exploring the unique contributions of university chaplains during this time

Sacred Presence and Ethical Challenge
Six reflective essays on the Church’s chaplaincy response to World War 1

Epworth Review (December 2010, Chaplaincy Special)
Editorial Angela Shier-Jones
Characteristics of Chaplaincy A Methodist Understanding Robert Jones
Chaplaincy in Schools Stephen Poxon
Independent School Chaplaincy Paul Glass
Reflections on Chaplaincy in Further Education John Breadon
University Chaplaincy as Wisdom in This Place Stan Brown
Workplace Chaplaincy A Contemporary View Stephen Willey
Agricultural Chaplaincy Alan Robson
No Abiding City - Where do Healthcare Chaplains belong and where are they Heading Judy Davies
Prison Chaplaincy Fraser Smith
Chaplaincy in the Forces Roy Burley


A Christian Theology of Chaplaincy
Edited by John Caperon, Andrew Todd and James Walters, Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2017)

A Handbook of Chaplaincy Studies: Understanding Spiritual Care in Public Places
Edited by Christopher Swift, Mark Cobb and Andrew Todd, Routledge (2015)

A Theology for Chaplaincy: Singing Songs in a Strange Land
Rowan Clare Williams, Grove Books (2018)

A Vital Ministry: Chaplaincy in Schools in the Post-Christian Era
John Caperon, SCM Press (2015)

An Improbable Feast: The surprising dynamic of hospitality at the heart of multifaith chaplaincy
Geoff Boyce, Lulu.com (2011)

Being a Chaplain
Miranda Threlfall-Holmes and Mark Newitt, SPCK (2011)

Beyond the Good Samaritan
Ann Morisy, Continuum (2009)

Bridgebuilders: Workplace Chaplaincy - A History
Malcolm Torry, Canterbury Press Norwich (2010)

Call the Chaplain: Spiritual and pastoral caregiving in hospitals
Kate McClelland, Canterbury Press Norwich (2014)

Chaplaincy and Practical Theology: Researching a Pioneering Ministry
Stephen B. Roberts and Sarah Dunlop (2022)

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care in Mental Health Settings
Edited by Jean Fletcher, Jessica Kingsley (2019)

Chaplaincy Ministry and the Mission of the Church
Victoria Slater, SCM Press (2015)

Children's Spirituality: What it is and why it matters
Rebecca Nye, Church House Publishing (2009)

Christianity and the University Experience: Understanding Student Faith
Mathew Guest, Kristin Aune, Sonya Sharma, Rob Warner, Bloomsbury Academic (2013)

Hospital Chaplaincy in the Twenty-first Century: The Crisis of Spiritual Care on the NHS
Christopher Swift, Routledge (2014)

Journeying Out: a new approach to Christian mission
Ann Morisy, Continuum (2006)

Ministry Among Students: A Pastoral Theology and Handbook for Practice
Simon Robinson, Canterbury Press Norwich (2004)

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