Once you've discussed and discerned, it's time to approach a school to start building relationships. You could contact the school and ask for a meeting with the headteacher, explaining that you are a local church and are keen to explore how you might support the school in its work. It is important to keep this agenda free - you are not heading into school with a particular thing to do. Be clear that you care about the local community and you want to see how you might be able to partner well, particularly helping those in need. It might be difficult to get time with the headteacher, so other people might be possibilities if you know them. For example, a governor, or member of staff. If you have a trusted relationship already, it is easier to build on that. Unfortunately, in some places, religious people have broken trust by misusing the welcome they have been given and so some places might be cautious - building trust that you are just there because you want to help do good with them for the community takes time. Ultimately, if the school does not wish to connect, you cannot do anything about this and must respect their boundaries - but there is always another school down the road that will have their arms open wide for some support and help. Keep praying, discussing and discerning as you explore connecting. 

"Find someone to be your key person in school (is there someone in your church who is a governor, do you know any members of staff who might be able to introduce you etc). If approaching the school with no introduction ask the school how you can best serve them and always, always, always remember that we are guests in the school." Hinton Methodist Church

'Most of my things have come from going to local schools and asking what they needed/wanted - and either offering that, or getting help to offer that if I could.' Ruth Yorke