Wondering if you’re called to be…a steward?

Read these words and look at the image below as you ponder the questions

A steward plays a vital role in the team that leads local churches and circuits. There are two types of steward: church and circuit. These are voluntary roles and you are elected to serve for up to six years.

Good stewards are:

  • praying people
  • visionary 
  • practical
  • caring, supportive and mindful of others’ needs.

In the book of Ruth, Ruth says to her mother-in-law  Naomi: “Your people shall be my people,  and your God my God.” Ruth 1:16 (NRSV)

Ruth had a sense of calling that seemed to be both a duty and a delight.

  • How do you think this is also true in the ministry of being a steward?
  • What opportunities to serve might enable you to know God in a different way?