Godsend : Learning for Mission

Godsend, which is available to download for free, has been designed as a toolkit to help you grow new Christian communities with those exploring faith. It uses animations, questions and real life examples to explore topics such as listening to the community, what emerging church looks like, how to gather a team and so much more.



The easy to use format makes it easy to pass on to those that you are exploring church with. Our hope is that it will help you to develop what you are doing whether you are at the beginning of exploring what new Christian communities look like where you are or whether you’re already part way along the journey.



A) Overview

1. Love

Want to know more? Start with love.

2. Share faith

It’s easy and not embarrassing.

3. New Christian community

Help the church to be inclusive.

4. Basics

A 21st century way to follow Jesus.

5. Reasons

Why it all makes sense.

B) Listen

6. Called?

What is God calling you to do?

7. Start

An A B C to launching out.

C) Love

8. Ideas

Possibilities to whet your appetite

9. Innovate

How to start something fresh

D) Community

10. Core team

Turning team, however small, into community.

11. Community

How to create the experience of ‘home’ at its best.

E) Share Jesus

12. Explore faith

How to introduce people to Jesus.

13. Sharing good news

Made simple and natural.

F) Church

14. Grow disciples

Encouraging Christian maturity.

15. ‘Church’ emerges

Helping new believers become a Christian community.

16. Church?

Are new Christian communities ‘proper’ church?

G) Repeat

17. Do it again

Sustaining your community through reproduction.