The guidance below is supplementary for property project that might involve a partnership.  Partnerships are defined as any outside organisation that has a formal relationship with the church.  Partnerships can vary from ecumenical partnerships with other churches to partnerships with community businesses or a partnership with a property developers.  

Please refer to the core guidance in the Property Development Pathways in tandem with this specific guidance for projects involving a partnership.  Within the Property Development Pathways, there is a core path, which has a common set of steps, guidance and considerations to follow within every project.  However, there are special considerations when entering into a partnership as part of a property project that are laid out in the Partnerships Pathway.  If you are considering a partnership, please speak with TMCP Legal.  

The pathways are designed to be worked through methodically and thus, it is recommended to begin with Step 1 of the Core Pathway followed by Step 1 of the Partnerships Pathway.  The first 3 steps involve a large amount of background work, but allowing time for research, preparation and planning will help to ensure a project's success.  Click here to view a summary of the 8 core steps

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