Resources for Refugee Week and beyond

In 2019 the Methodist Conference passed Notice of Motion 2019/208, which asked the Methodist Church to:

  • Affirm all who work to give support and relief to refugees
  • Celebrate the inspiration and tenacity of young people in our schools, churches and communities
  • Encourage Methodist Districts, Circuits and Churches to use The Boy at the Back of the Class as a vehicle to liaise with schools in their locality and to create a group from church and school to request a face to face appointment with their local Member of Parliament to discuss the realities of these issues and to ask what their personal response is as to how our country can make a humane and compassionate response to this desperate, life threatening situation.

Follow the links below to find out more about the book, the wider issues and the ways in which you - and the children and young people you work with - can get involved.

Visit the Refugee Week website to find out about the #SimpleActs campaign. There are also lots of resources, including some great material for use with children and young people.